Friday, July 30, 2010

great job, brains. we did it!

I came across this article today and it has set my imagination AFLAME. I'm also going through a "dying inside" phase due to too much internetting and feelings of extreme frustration with my present house-bound circumstances. So anyway, here's more internet, and more thoughts based on internal communication. I'm wallowing, cool?

The title of the article reads "Good Connection Really Does Lead to Mind Meld". It basically summarizes a study where test subjects' brain patterns were recorded during conversations, it goes like this:

"When two people experience a deep connection, they’re informally described as being on the same wavelength. There may be neurological truth to that...
... They found that speaking and listening used common rather than separate neural subsystems inside each brain. Even more striking was an overlap between the brains of speaker and listener. When post-scan interviews found that stories had resonated, scans showed a complex interplay of neural call and response, as if language were a wire between test subjects’ brains."

That's about as far as the study went, and one of the researchers mentions that they want to study further why some people fail to communicate.

Of course, the place where my mind went was "SYNCHRONIZED MINDS, FEELINGS OF CONNECTEDNESS CONFIRMED, WE WILL ALL SOMEDAY BE TELEPATHIC". I prefer to think of things within their most funnest capacities.

I firmly believe in sharing wavelengths with people, or, being on the same "level" as others. I don't think it's always a permanent thing, but I think that, as people ebb and flow through experiences and growth, the people who they connect with at various times must share some super cool brain synch thing. I also think that we're all aware when we lose such a connection, or we should be. There are some people who, after years of being apart, can reconnect without missing a beat. There are others who once shared an intense connection, who suddenly feel distant – awkward conversations and uncomfortable tension. Obviously a lot can contribute to emotional disconnections, or maybe, misconnections. I think that in some cases strong emotions can blind one to such synchronicities. I think that love usually lends itself to the strongest connections, and love can be so fickle in it's various strengths and endurances... attraction, admiration, adoration, respect, trust, lust, passion, infatuation, obsession... and then of course the opposites of all of those things that usually result from some form of rejection... anyway I'm getting off point. My point is that I think that these feelings of synching up with someone, even if it's brief, and especially if it's long term, aren't imagined. I think that they're for real and that we'll understand them way better in the future. This article has mildly confirmed that.

Maybe it's only a matter of time before this part of the brain is more comprehensibly understood, and maybe someday these areas could be enhanced or stimulated to create forreal telepathy. BETAZOIDS. WE'LL ALL BE BETAZOIDS.

That's Lwaxana Troi. She's a Betazoid. I'm a nerd.