Thursday, May 13, 2010

lookin good, Mr. Robin. a little too good...

It's springtime, and I'm in love.

With my family? Yes of course, that's a given. But I'll be damned if those apple blossoms aren't looking reeaal good. The robin on my front lawn? Total stud. The tulips comin' up across the street? Lookin' fine ladies! Barry White has taken over my brain narration, and everything happening outside has been slowed down just enough so that everything is stunningly beautiful in an excessively romantic kinda way.

Every conversation, message, email, or tiniest interaction with another person is punctuated by the Barry White voice saying things like, "that was daaayyymm clever", or "that's the sentence structure of someone who knows how t'loooove", or "a person who can make you laugh like that is a person who can make aaaallll yo' dreams come truuue," or "that kind of eye contact can only mean oonnne thang," or "that doughy office worker is getting lunchtime exercise sos he can hit it laaateeerrrrr," or "that waitress' smile was about more than the biiiilllll," or "that car honk was only disguised as traffic, it was really about yo' fine aaaassssss," or "that lush green grass is juz waitin' for you t'roll aaaalllll up in it," or  "that was probably written without paaannnts," and so forth.

I seriously have about seven crushes on the go right now. All harmless and in no danger of threatening my actual relationship with my actual loverboy (aka: my husband), but silly and light and dreamy nonetheless.

Oh springtime. I would totally tap you.

And now, 8 minutes of a mildly funny Spring Fever themed thing: