Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the great dance-off tornado escape

Dream post! Here goes:

I was meeting someone at a big office building for an interview or something, and I was wearing an orange striped body suit with a sweater tied around my waist. I had to go to a waiting room and when I got there I realized I'd lost my sweater and was only wearing the body suit (like a bathing suit with long sleeves). I was upset that my outfit would totally NOT impress the person I was meeting, so I decided to screw the meeting and leave. On my way out I got mistaken for an actual employee and ended up having to participate in an employee dance-off talent show thing. I was really nervous and annoyed, and then someone pointed out that I had pubes sticking out the sides of my bodysuit's leg holes (like by my hips, and rest assured that in real life I'm NOT hairy like that). At that point I was REALLY nervous and decided to escape. I was sweaty and embarrassed.

When I got out of the building and looked outside, the entire city was being engulfed in an INSANE tornado storm, and this rich douchey black guy offered me a ride in his shiny black Range Rover type vehicle. We raced around the city looking for a way to escape the storm, but it was destroying everything. The guy then hit on me, and I told him that I was not interested and if we were going to escape together he'd better keep his hands to himself. He resigned and kept driving. I was telling him that we should stop in a fancy residential area to find an empty house with a basement that we could hide in. At that point the storm seemed to clear up and it looked like things would be okay. Then a rush of clouds formed above us and tons of water dumped out of the sky, as though someone was emptying a gigantic dirty bucket. It was blocking the road and the guy was like "don't worry I have 4x4, we'll get through it!" and I was like "we're screeeewwwwed!!" And then I woke up.

Interpreters, interpret!